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UPDATES SOON!!! PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! I have figured I will try to tidy up my files and fix some broken links, add some more of my pics from my extensive collection. Also, I would like to fix as many broken links as possible, but it is rather hard, so I will take my time and go slow. I would like to update my index pictures weekly(and my whole site if possible). I will be adding more myths and up to Book V of the Iliad (I'm a slow reader *heh heh*)and hope to get as much done as I can!!! I need one thing from all of you people, if you have a page, please send me the URL because I want to update my links, and if you want I will try to add you to the Award winners page also,(I'm so sorry to you people who have the award and aren't on the page, if you are one of these people, send me your URL and name, date I gave it to you etc. and I'll see what I can do...) Keep up the great hobby of Greek Mythology!!!!!

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