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Greek Mythology Links

The Book of Gods, Goddesses and Heroes
Very informative on Greek and other types of mythology.
Greek Mythology
A respectable site, pay a visit.
Forum Romanum
Features a virtual tour of Rome and extremely informative.
Welcome to Attica
I'm not sure what it's called now, but it has undergone a severe change. The mythology is still there, but obscured with other material.
Characters of Greek Mythology
I love this one, lots of pictures.

Sons of Homer Webring

This site is owned by Poseidon .
The 2nd son of Homer.
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This Circle of FANTASY
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Circle of the Muses
This Circle of the Muses site
is owned byPoseidon.
Poseidon is inspired by the Muse:
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This Delphic Oracle site is owned by
Mike .

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This Ring of Classics Site is owned by Poseidon.
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aonlogo2.gif (3182 bytes)This Archaeology on the Net site owned by Poseidon.
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Caves in the Valley of the Web Ring Home

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Other Links

Chaos' Homepage.
A nice page, but non-mythological.